Gingerbread Crafts

Gingerbread Crafts
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Friday, 27 April 2012

I've started my other blog but am loathe to shut this one down right now.  I'll still use it from time to time.

Last week I started going to a local Crocheting/Knitting group held nearby, it was good meeting new friends.  I worked on the Lacy Child's Top, which has since been finished and right now is on display at work.  Lots of customers have commented on it, a few have requested details.  I tell them what yarn to use - one we sell and give them the link to the pattern.  It looks like it was made to measure for our child size dress form and I think will fit my 5 year old Great Niece.

Yesterday I had a class on Spinning at the same place, I really needed a refresher, was having trouble getting started.  The lady running it has only just started teaching herself and was able to help me adjust the Spinning Wheel, before long I was back in the groove and loving it.  Am the only one in the class at the moment, we sat opposite each other and chatted.  Good social interaction is really what I need.

Right now I am knitting, picked up a cardigan I started last year.  Couldn't remember where the pattern was so went for a search for it, I found another cardigan I started using the same yarn in a basket, putting it on top as a reminder to finish it before continuing my search.  I went back to the part of my craftroom where the basket containing the cardigan - note I had picked up the cardigan to look at and put it on the top before moving away, but when I returned I looked down and sitting on top and partically wrapped in the cardigan was the magazine I had been looking for.  It wasn't there before - very wierd, I gave my thanks and happily went out to knit.

I started knitting and then unknitting, knitting, unknitting trying to work out where I was on the pattern, I had the back and most of the second front completed.  After a bit more knitting and unknitting I found out the reason I had put it down last year, it wasn't right.  Turned out I hadn't cast on enough stitches which is why I was having trouble.  Started the piece again and haven't looked back - except that I left the pattern at work yesterday.  I had thought about putting it down to start a crocheted rug for my Mother in Law for Mother's Day but can't even do that, the pattern is in the same magazine.  I can at least get the yarn, we didn't have anything suitable at work.

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Miss Robyn said...

Hi Cheryl,
where is your new blog?
thanks so much for your comment on my blog about Avalon and my other homes. much appreciated and your perspective put a new slant on it for me.
also, if you are ever up in this area, please let me know and we can meet for coffee x